At Kim Fat Market you will be greeted by a true artisan butcher, one that practices the old-style traditional craft that has become a rarity in a commercialized world. As a true craft butcher we offer fresh cuts of beef, pork, chicken, goat and lamb. Looking for an uncommon cut? we will also custom cut meat to your specifications.

We provide the highest quality of meat products to our customers, Kim Fat meats are not from a box. In traditional style we order the best quality of local Alberta animals and cut the meat fresh to how you like it.

All the meat we sell over our meat counter is never frozen, humane certified, grain fed as well as free of hormones and antibiotics. Also the meat we sell is all government Certified and government inspected.


All Season BBQ Meats Available with our Marination!

Taste the difference in our meat vs that of a supermarket. Because our meat is fresh never frozen or plumped there is better taste texture and flavour compared to supermarket meats.

Visit our butchers at the meat counter and don’t be afraid to ask for tips on the best way to prepare and cook our meat. With a history in the highest tier of the local culinary industry, we'd love the opportunity to share our passion for great tasting meat with you.

At the Kim Fat Market meat counter, we believe in providing only the best meat and exceptional friendly service at incredible value.


At Kim Fat Market, our high quality local grain fed chicken is available in every cut you could want:

  • Drumsticks
  • Drumsticks with Back Attached (Quarter)
  • Chicken Thighs with Bone In or Out
  • Breast with Skin or Skinless
  • Organs (gizzards, hearts etc.)
  • Chicken Wings/Winglettes
  • Cartilage and Feet.

All cut to your specifications, fresh for you.

Kim Fat Beef


Unlike supermarket beef, our beef is always fresh and not plumped. Kim Fat Market carries only the best local, Albertan, grain fed beef. We custom cut our beef fresh from the prime cuts the way you like it:

  • Prime striploin
  • Chuck : presents cuts that are best cooked in low temperature for a long time time. Chuck roast, stewing beef, stir fry beef are all great cuts we get from the chuck
  • Rib : Beef ribs provide the choice rib eye steak, rib eye roast and back ribs.
  • Brisket : Brisket flat and brisket point
  • Flank : Short ribs, Flank steak and skirt steak
  • Loin : Beef loin presents us T-Bone steak, Tenderloin
  • Sirloin : Top Sirloin steak, sirloin roast
  • Round : Eye of round steak and round roast


One of the great things about the hog is that nearly every bit of the animal is useful from the meat, fat and skin to the blood and organs (offal). The primal cuts of pork are:

  • Loin : From the loin we get the more premium cuts of pork. Including, pork chops either skin or no skin, pork loin roast and the most tender cut, pork tenderloin.
  • Shoulder : Consists of the picnic (bottom), the hock, the butt (top), the hock and the trotter. From the shoulder we get Boston Butt, short ribs, shoulder roast as well as the picnic roasts. Cuts from this section are best prepared using low moist heat like slow cooking, stewing or even smoking.
  • Belly : This is the primal cut where everyones favourite cut comes from, bacon. Bacon is the main cut that comes from the belly as well as secret and spare ribs.
  • Leg : typically used for ham can also be cut into bottom round, eye round or sirloin tip roasts.

Kim Fat Also Offers

★ Pork Skin with Lard 

★ Pig Head - No Brain 

★ Pig Head - With Brain 



We carry fresh, flavourful Goat meat and it's ready for your next signature dish. You can always request any cut, but some of our most popular cuts include

  • Leg : Best for slow cooking, leg cuts are versatile and can be cooked with the bone in for extra flavour, or deboned and stuffed for something different
  • Loin Chops :  This cut is best on the BBQ, or fried up. Take things up a notch by trying out this cut in a marinade!
  • Rack : Classic cut that is amazing when oven roasted and is perfect for a party or even a mid week meal
  • Shoulder : Similar to the leg cut, try the shoulder in a slow cooker with veggies, broth and your favourite seasonings. Delicious!



Kim Fat Market has delicious cuts of fresh lamb available to meet your needs. Some of our most popular cuts include:

  • Shoulder : Lamb shoulder provides boneless shoulder roast and shoulder chops which are fantastic for grilling or even great smoked
  • Rib : Lamb ribs presents us with the elegant rack of lamb. Which is best seasoned and cooked in high heat. Traditionally, rack of  lamb is “Frenched” for presentation, however this does remove good meat from the cut and is only preferred by some.
  • Loin :  From the loin a favourable prime cut we get lamb loin chops and lamb t-bone. These are an outstanding choice cut that prepared easily by simply pan-frying.
  • Leg : Leg of lamb and sirloin tip. like the shoulder these cuts can be a bit tougher a prepare beautifully marinated and cooked in long low heat.


No matter what type there is no better way to buy seafood than buying live seafood. At Kim Fat we stock and special order live seafood to satisfy even the most critical aficionado of fresh fish and shell fish.

  • Our Live Crab and Ling Cod come from Prince Rupert British Columbia.
  • Our Live Lobster from Nova Scotia.
  • Our Tilapia is local from here in our home province of Alberta
  • Our King Crab is brought in from off the shores of Alaska.

Open 9:00AM - 5:30PM Every Day

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